1/18/2018 Weekly Update

1/17/2018 → Wednesday Skype & Write

This week, we spent our Skype session working on synopses. Specifically, we decided on a way to attack the various synopses we need to do in order to create a submission package. We are going to begin with an overall series synopsis, then do the first trilogy synopsis, then concentrate on the first three individual books.

After we set out our schedule, we sat down and began work on the series synopsis. This encompasses all thirteen planned books, concentrating on the main story arc that revolves around the epidemic that has gripped the school, as opposed to the relationships and romances of the individual books.

One of the things that came from our synopsis-writing was that we finally got our website blurb for the series. The site has been updated here

We haven’t yet decided if we’ll put the series synopsis on the site, so it isn’t up at this point.

That said – yes, we did write the synopsis! And yes, we are quite pleased with our work! We actually wrote it in tandem – as in, we had a shared document open and we all made suggestions, edits, notes, and wrote bits in real-time, as we discussed what we wanted to accomplish. It’s crisp and clear, and very streamlined. It’s a very good start to putting together our pitching materials.


1/11/2018 Weekly Update

1/10/2018 → Wednesday Skype & Write

This week was a Writing Wednesday, and was quite productive, in spite of some kerfluffles for Sid. Still, she (finally) made the meeting and Things Were  Accomplished.

Mickie is feeling much love for Scrivener these days. She says it’s really working for her in pulling together all her various bits and pieces and adding a final polish to this draft of Charlie’s Web before she hands it off to James and Sid for their comments. Mickie also likes the ability to take notes within the program, and says she’s already made herself some revision comments for the next draft, though she isn’t actively revising as yet because she wants to get notes from Sid and James before she dives deep into revision territory.

Speaking of revisions, Sid is back at it with Cursebreaker’s Dance; the revisions are 37.67% completed as of 1/10/2018.

Sid spent Writing Wednesday researching, making more notes, and refining her prior notes for the February blog. She intends to have it done and published in February this time! Trufax! She will once again be writing about the Deva, and this blog is important because it will directly impact future books. She is also giving thought to  her next book, as the plot point/outlining meeting (deadline) is fast approaching. EEK!

James added 314 words to the January blog post, which will be a short story this month. Mickie and Sid know a bit about the story already, and are eager for the world to be able to read it!

12/28/2017 Weekly Update

12/27/2017 → Wednesday Skype & Write

We skyped. We admired cats (the three of us have cats that are related). We even wrote.

Mickie is pulling together the last bits of Charlie’s Web, so she can write the December blog post she desperately wants to write. She has conquered Scrivener and says that it is really helping her with Charlie’s Web. She thinks her next book, Chloe’s Quest, is going to go much better using Scrivener.

James wrote over 400 words on the January blog post. It’s going to be interesting…we’ve been doing some worldbuilding with him, as that impacts the blog. We’ve added another layer to PCEarth, plus we’re getting a great new entry into the canon! Can’t wait to read this post!

Because the November blog was so late, Sid is already working on the February blog. She’s working on the supernaturals again, the Deva, and is researching and discovering things that will definitely impact the next trilogy.

Next week will be our monthly meeting. We’re all also hard at work on our 2018 Wish Lists, so we’ll be discussing those, setting goals and deadlines for the year ahead.

12/21/2017 Weekly Update

12/20/2017 → Wednesday Skype & Write

There was skyping. There was talk. There was writing (yay!).

The year is winding down, and the PC authors are trying to wrap up some projects and start to think about next year. They’re each going to take the next two weeks to make a wishlist of things they’d like to accomplish this upcoming year. During the January meeting, these lists will be analyzed and discussed, and from that, they are planning to map out the year. The idea is to set goals and hard deadlines, with an eye to getting the series into query circulation and to write the next books*.

Mickie has a grand idea for December blog, and is hard at work on it.

James has begun the January blog, and it involves…wait, I can’t tell you. I can tell you that I’m very excited about it and looking forward to reading it.

Sid is researching for her next couple of blogs, as well as gearing up to dive heavily into the final revisions for Cursebreaker’s Dance come January.

As things stand, we will be meeting next week, so tune in for an update!

(*We’re all excited about the next trilogy. There are already ideas being bandied about.)

12/7/2017 Weekly Update

12/6/2017 → Wednesday Skype & Write Monthly Meeting

This was our monthly meeting, so we Skyped and we talked.

We’ve settled on a blog schedule for next year. You can expect monthly blogs from us  as follows:

Date Author
January James
February Sid
March Mickie
April James
May Sid
June Mickie
July James
August Sid
September Mickie
October James
November Sid
December Mickie

As it is the end of the year, we will be writing some, but we are also spending this month looking at our 2017 goals, our progress over the year, and discussing why we were able to meet some goals and not others. At our January meeting, we will be setting goals for 2018 as well as some hard deadlines. We are all ready to wrap the first trilogy and get started on the second. So many ideas and plotlines and characters in the air, just waiting for their chance to be onstage!

Finally, we did a bit more worldbuilding last night. We had some deep and interesting discussions about inter-species relationships and how they would be accepted in the different communities of orthos, witches, and the various supernaturals. I won’t divulge details, but I will tease and say that these discussions will have an impact on the next trilogy!

Progress reports:

Sid will have the November blog ready soon, she promises! It’s late, and she’s very upset and embarrassed, but this end-of-year has been really tough on all three of us due to loss of loved ones, illness, unexpected hardships, and just, well, life.

Mickie is still trying to decipher Scrivener and get Charlie’s Web loaded so she can lay it out and see where her narrative holes are. Hopefully, she’ll get a handle on it soon, and get a copy of the manuscript to James and Sid for edit and critique.

James has been hit hard with an illness. Sid and Mickie are encouraging him to take it easy, especially as Jasper’s Song is complete, but he’s got his high-fantasy epic, Even a Wizard,  to punch into shape for submission. He says it’s going well, and claims that he is taking it easy (he probably is, for him, which isn’t all that easy by other standards!).

And that’s all the news. See you next week!

11/30/2017 Weekly Update

11/29/2017 → Wednesday Skype & Write

We skyped, we wrote (finally)! Neither October nor November has been the best month for productivity, unfortunately. We will be doing some Skyping & Writing during December, but we may be sporadic.

So – to recap last night:

Mickie has downloaded Scrivener and is importing all her bits and pieces of Charlie’s Web into the program so she can see the breadth of the story so far. Scrivener has a bit of a learning curve, so it’s going slower than she’d like, but once she masters the software, things will speed up. She does like the program and is planning to write the entirety of her next book, Chloe’s Quest, using Scrivener as it fits her writing style much better than Word.

Sid put in some work on the November blog. Yes, it’s late and she’s very upset about that, but there will be a blog. Promise!

James edited seventeen pages of Even a Wizard, his high fantasy epic last night. He will most likely continue to concentrate on that through the holidays, so he can get it ready for submission. Come January, however, all three of us will be re-focused on Perfect Coven.

And that’s all the news until next week!