The Perfect Coven series is a shared-world, work-in-progress, paranormal, romance-fantasy about a group of witches, their lives, loves, familiars, and adventures.

The Blog page hosts a feature written by a different author each month, sometimes about an aspect of PCEarth – the magic, the history, the inhabitants, etc. – or sometimes a short story featuring the characters in the series, and sometimes even discussion of the ups and downs of writing a shared-world series among three authors with very different styles and writing processes.


The Perfect Coven authors have a book out!

Witch’s Tales is a book of short stories primarily featuring the characters from theĀ  Shaman, Water, Bard Trilogy. Read stories about Jasper andĀ  Shelley attempting to make chocolate milk with witchery in Chocolate Milk Night, or a creepy tale from Charlie in The Scariest Monster. The stories give a glimpse of the characters before and outside of the events of the Perfect Coven series.

The first PCEarth cozy mystery, Homegrown Trouble, is out!

Earth Witch. Lottery winner. Skilled farmer. Amateur sleuth in a small town. Such is the life of Pierre “Rocky” Stanton. At least he has his canine familiar, Esmie and his best friend Toby to help him.