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In our world, there are people who have had a greater impact on history than have others.  This is also the case in Perfect Coven Earth.  The only difference is that in PCE, some of those famous people were witches.  For good or for ill, witches have been known to have serious influence on events.

Over the next several months, this blog will feature articles giving PCE biographies of certain historical witches.  We will see how their witchery shaped the deeds that earned them places of fame or infamy.

Below is a list of some of the historical witches that will be spotlighted on this blog.  If you can think of any other persons in history who would have been witches in PCE, please let us know and we’ll see if we can find biographies for them.


Sir Francis Bacon


William Shakespeare

Joan of Arc


Adolf Hitler

Harriett Tubman


This is only a partial list, of course.  Articles about several other historical witches are in the works as we develop more and more history for our world.


Sid says: The blogs for the next few months are going to be interesting reads! These blogs, focusing on supernatural people, alternate historical events, and historical figures in PCE will add to the depth of PCE. Also, it gives us a chance to share things that don’t need to be part of the current book series, but are integral to the world in which our characters live. Plus, it’s just fun to write about them! (P.S. I’m still pushing for a historical series at some point, ambitious as that might be as we’re still working on the first trilogy of four.)


Mickie says:        Stuff like this is the best part of writing in an alternate world setting.  There’s enough there that the reader (and writers) are familiar with the setting, but you can still mess with stuff – like making historical figures magical.  It makes for a fun exercise, deciding how certain events could have been impacted by witchery:  For instance, what if the storms that decimated the Spanish Armada were caused by a powerful air and/or water witch?  I’m looking forward to building more of our world’s past.


Something to remember…

This is something we all struggle with; we want it right the first time, but it won’t be. So – write it, all grubby and knobbly and out of sync. Then rewrite it into the story you want to tell.