1/17/2019 Weekly Update

1/16/2019 → Wednesday Skype & Write

Skype worked better last night and so we did things. We had a lively discussion about familiars and their manifestations. This is information that probably won’t appear anywhere in the books, but it is good information for us to know as we create new witches and their familiars.

A bit of news: we have a synopsis for Jasper’s Song! It is on the website here.

This puts us very close to having a complete pitching/querying package, so we’re on point to meet our goal. This is so exciting!

Last night was a writing night. We did a writing sprint and Things Were Accomplished.

Mickie laid out the foundations (and did a bit of research) for the January blog post. It’s going to be a very interesting read, and the things we discussed sparked ideas for Sid and James to do future posts along the same lines.

James wrote 200 words on Cat’s Cradle. He sent Sid and Mickie a rough draft of the opening scene, and … rats, I can’t spill the beans. Hmmm…what can I say? The opening scene was fun to read, so now I’m already eager to have the completed manuscript in my hot little paws.

Sid completed her synopsis/plot point outline for Siren’s Song. She’s keen to begin writing.

That’s all the news for this week. Tune back in next week, because we’re planning a brainstorming session to map out the timeline and help each other smooth out snags in our second trilogy. That will be an interesting night!

1/10/2018 Weekly Update

1/9/2019 → Wednesday Skype & Write

Last night’s Skype session was plagued with technical difficulties, so we didn’t get as much accomplished as we’d hoped. (Also because of holidays and various day-job scheduling issues, we didn’t have as much as usual on our discussion agenda).

We reviewed our goals and deadlines, and James has submitted a preliminary query list of agents. Sid is to set up a document with a list of agents/publishers/editors we want to query with a way to track submissions. She is to have this done by next meeting.

We had some brief discussion about the physical structure of the books and keeping to a sort of symmetry, but honestly, that really depends on the story being told. We can have certain goals and a structure we’d like to follow as closely as possible, but certain books will do their own thing, and that’s just how it goes. We agreed to a loose guideline, and to let it flow from there.

Of course, everything goes out the window with Book 13. That one is going to change all the rules. We’ll have so much to tie up – all these storylines converging into the final book…. Now I’ve scared myself.

We do have a synopsis of Jasper’s Song. We are doing a final review and tweak, then it will be added to the website and to our pitch package.

And Scrivener has finally gotten a patch out for the exporting function! Mickie is once again attempting to export the manuscript for Charlie’s Web. Sid and James are looking forward to getting a copy soon.

And that’s all for this week. We’ll be back next week with more exciting adventures!

1/4/2018 Weekly Update

1/2/2019 → Wednesday Skype & Write

Wednesday’s skype & write was delayed to Thursday for work reasons.

Thursday’s skype & write was cancelled due to other work reasons.

It’s been an odd week.

So, next week could potentially be a two-fer; we will have our monthly discussion, then (depending on how long our discussion goes) possibly do some writing. Tune in next week to see what happens!

12/20/2018 Weekly Update

12/19/2018 → Wednesday Skype & Write

Last night was skyping and writing, with a hiccup in the skyping. James’s connection failed and he disappeared about 7 minutes into our timed sprint. Still, we kept going and did some things.

First of all, Mickie worked through more of her plot points for Chloe’s Quest. Things are going well, and she is pleased with how the story is shaping up.

James worked on his bits for the synopsis of Jasper’s Song and added around 200 words to the first draft of Cat’s Cradle. Again, he’s going to take the prize for having the first completed draft. It works well for us, though, having the fastest writer taking the final book of each trilogy, because we’re basically working backwards. When James has a complete first draft, Mickie and Sid can then add foreshadowing, character introductions, hints (all the good stuff) to their novels. This helps tie the books together and adds fun layers.

Sid continued working out her plots points/synopsis/outline for Siren’s Secret. And a breakthrough happened! She finally figured out the ending! Now she just needs the final couple of points to plot her way to that ending.
Last of all, we opted to delay the deadline for a working synopsis of Jasper’s Song until next week, so no one has to post the “I Feel Shame” gif on the blog this week.

And that’s it for this week. See you next week, same bat time, same bat channel!

12/13/2018 Weekly Update

12/12/2018 → Wednesday Skype & Write

Skyping and writing, that’s what we do!

So, obviously, last night was a writing night;  we logged on and got to it.

Mickie worked on her outline for Chloe’s Quest. She already has the ending planned and partially written! From what she’s told us, this one is going to be fun to read.

Sid worked on the synopsis for Jasper’s Song. Her assigned bits are now completed, and the synopsis itself is almost completed as well. Sid’s focus is now to complete the outline for Siren’s Secret, as she doesn’t want to have to write an I Feel Shame post for the PCBlog!

James wrote 200-plus words on Cat’s Cradle. He’s well on his way to taking the prize for having the first completed draft of the second trilogy.

And that’s all I have until next week! See you then for more exciting updates!

12/7/2018 Weekly Update

12/5/2018 → Wednesday Skype & Write: Monthly Meeting

Wow. This was our last monthly meeting of 2018.

That said, we had quite the lively discussion about our vision for this projects, goals, and the setting of deadlines.

We think we over-scheduled ourselves last year, with goals and deadlines every week. Therefore, we decided on a looser approach for 2019 deadlines, and only two goals for the year.

The two goals are to: (1) send out our first queries to agents and publishers; and (2) complete drafts of the second trilogy.

We have deadlines set to meet these goals, but nothing to meet every week, since we discovered that gets exhausting. We have decided when we want our query packages completed, the drop-dead date to send out the first queries, and a deadline to have a first draft of each novel completed.

Each of us has our personal goals and deadlines, of course, but they’re not included in the overall plan. Again, we discovered that sort of thing creates too much pressure.

We also did decide on a punishment if a deadline is missed. That person shall have to write a self-excoriating essay for the blog about how sorry they are for missing the dealine. We hope to not have to write these, but if we do, expect to be amused!

Speaking of blog posts, we reset our blog schedule, as we like to mix it up every year. The first blog post of 2019 will be from Mickie! Yay!!!!

And that’s all for this week. Tune in next week for more updates.