Who are the Perfect Coven authors?

The PC authors are M. L. James, T. L. Sidney, and R. G. Michaels. More information can be found here.

Why are there three of you?

Because we’re doing a series of 13 books, and 13 is a prime number, so three is as close as we could get to dividing it evenly.  (Okay…true…four would have come just as close, but there are only three of us so I’m reaching for a good answer here.)

Why do you have pseudonyms when your real names are all over the website?

The pseudonyms are part of the group creation, in a way.  There is no longer any way to truly say “This person created this idea” or “This person created that concept” since we have mixed together ideas and fed on one another’s work to such a high degree.  So we’re using fake names rather than to say that any one specific person created a story.  While we are each taking turns writing the books, the other two have as much input on it as does the person doing the physical writing.

Who belongs to/is part of the coven in the books?

We don’t want to give too much away, so this list will grow as the series develops.