Cursebreaker’s Dance

Perfect Coven Two

Book Two of the Shaman, Water, Bard Trilogy

Author: T. L. Sidney

A freshman at Great Lakes University, Shelley Tanzer is far from satisfied with her life.  Her studies are going well, her best friend is a student at the same school, she has made new friends, and she has finally found the talent for cursebreaking that her grandmother always said she had.  For most young Water witches, this would be the foundation of a happy freshman year.  But Shelley is not “most” of anything.  Her own romantic fantasies and sense of failure have come crashing about her upon seeing her friends Charlie and Mars pair up and settle into a stable and happy relationship.  Now Shelley is convinced it is time for her to fall in love.

So she does as any impetuous young woman with an overblown sense of romance and little self-discipline would:  she convinces herself that she is in love with Luc, the first handsome man who asks her out.  The fact that he is wealthy, charming, and the first cousin of her friend Mars only seems to confirm that this is her soulmate, the man with whom her life is to be shared.

But if he’s so obviously perfect, why do none of her friends like him?  Even his own cousin wants as little as possible to do with him.

And why can’t she stop thinking about Jarvi, the secretive man at the Pond who keeps disturbing her solitude when she goes to be alone?

When Shelley suddenly stops dancing – an abandonment akin to deliberate starvation in other people – and stops going to classes, Shelley’s friends become concerned.  Their concern only spurs her into an odd state of angered apathy.  The talented witches in her immediate circle of friends realize that she has been worked, and that the only one who could have done so is Luc.

A quick working from her friends removes the working from Shelley, much to the chagrin and expressed denial of Luc.  But why has Jarvi started acting so strange, and why does he then disappear, only to reappear days later on the verge of death?  When Shelley and the others try to take him to a doctor, Jarvi reveals that he isn’t human, but a naiad, a supernatural creature of the water.  And something has removed the primal bonds that time him to his element.

Realizing that the curse was not truly broken, only moved, the friends begin to work out what happened, finding that another curse, intended as a love spell, has settled on Jarvi and mixed with the one on Shelley.

The burgeoning coven rushes to devise a way to completely remove both curses.  Many challenges face them, the greatest being:  How do you break a curse when the one who has been cursed is the cursebreaker herself?