10/18/2017 Weekly Update

10/18/2017 → Wednesday Skype & Write

We skyped, we discussed, we wrote.

A few things are happening right now.

First off – a new blog post is up at the Perfect Coven site. For October, James is discussing the limitations on witchery, an excellent read and much food for thought for those of us writing the Perfect Coven series.

James has put Jasper’s Song and Cat’s Cradle aside for the next three weeks. He’s pursuing a lead on a publisher looking for high fantasy, and he just happens to have Even A Wizard lying about, looking for a home! So, he’ll spend a bit of time polishing that manuscript and sending it off. Everyone send him good wishes!

Mickie will be sending Sid and James her manuscript for Charlie’s Web this week. While she isn’t completely happy with it, and is continuing her stitching (she writes her plot points, opening, and ending, then goes back and adds the narrative elements to tie everything together), Sid and James have persuaded her to let them see it (not that either of them just want to get their hands on it or anything, oh no, this is purely altruistic. They’re helping. Really.), and she has agreed. Really looking forward to this!

Sid is working on the November blog post, and trying hard with the revisions to Cursebreaker’s Dance, but things are moving slow. As John Scalzi (among many others) pointed out, writing, art, dancing, singing, any creative pursuit really, is difficult with the constant turmoil and chaos in the world. We have to try, but the facts are that things are going to be slower and harder than they used to be because our minds and energies are being pulled toward other things and that makes it difficult to create. So, Sid has resolved to do what she can and stop berating herself for not doing better, and hopefully that will clear her mind enough to get the creativity flowing again.


10/4/2017 Weekly Update

10/4/2017 → Wednesday Skype & Write – MONTHLY MEETING

Wednesday was our monthly discussion night.   We covered a broad range of items, from our overall story arc to our end of year blogs to our pitch plans for next year!

James is working on the October blog and it should be posted soon.  Sid is already hard at work on the November blog and has been teasing us with some details.

We’re starting our research for agents so we can be ready to pitch at the beginning of the year. If you’re an agent or know an agent you think may be interested in our work, please feel free to name drop!  Our blogsite has our emails as well as a contact form.

We’ll be back at the typing next week.  Same Bat Time – same Bat channel!

9/27/2017 Weekly Update

9/27/2017 → Wednesday Skype & Write

Skyping and writing, skyping and writing….

And that’s really it.

Mickie re-wrote a pivotal scene in Charlie’s Web, and has determined where it needs to go in the book (she initially had it too early on), so now she’s polishing her transition.

Sid added 93 new words to Cursebreaker’s Dance, and is now 17.11% through her revisions.

James has outlined the first three chapters of Cat’s Cradle, which led to an interesting discussion about familiars and secrets they may know or not…and that’s all I’m saying because spoilers!

There is a tiny update to the Other Projects tab on the blogsite. Sid is planning a webcomic-type project, and the link is now on the site here.

Next week will be our monthly planning meeting, so tune in for details then!

9/20/2017 Weekly Update

9/20/2017 → Wednesday Skype & Write

Yesterday was the day. We skyped, and we wrote.

Simply writing makes for boring updates, but there you go. The updates may be boring, but the more we write, the less boring the books will be.

Mickie worked on a new scene for Charlie’s Web, and got most of it knocked out. She also finalized the September blog post, and sent it over for James and Sid to add their comments. That post should be going up soon.

James is working on the precursor to his outline for the sixth book, Cat’s Cradle. He says he has a pretty solid foundation, most major plot points nailed down. He’ll be fleshing out that outline over the next few weeks, then he’ll be writing that book!

Sid has begun her revisions on the (hope hope hopefully) final draft of Cursebreaker’s Dance. She’s 16.44% through the revisions right now, and honestly, it’s going well. There are a couple of things she needs to go back and look into (because she misplaced her notebook with all the notes she’d made from earlier discussions with Mickie and James, but she found it yesterday, yay!).

The blogsite has been updated with a lovely, teasing synopsis (courtesy of James) for Cursebreaker’s Dance here.

And that’s all the updates for now. We’ll be skyping and writing and updating again next week. See you then!

9/13/2017 → Wednesday Skype & Write

There was skyping! There was writing! Much was accomplished!

Last week, James got his edits back to Sid on Cursebreaker’s Dance. However, she wanted to get a first draft of the trilogy synopsis done before diving into the revision. Happily, last night she managed to meet that goal!

Speaking of synopses, we had the idea that  we’re too close to our own books to really have any idea of how to go about writing the synopsis, so we switched it up. Therefore, James wrote the synopsis for Cursebreaker’s Dance. Sid wrote the synopsis for Charlie’s Web. Mickie is writing the synopsis for Jasper’s Song. And last night, James completed the first draft of the synopsis of Cursebreaker’s Dance!

Also last night, Mickie managed to knock out most of the September blog post, which should be going up shortly. It’s a good one, can’t wait for you all to read it! She also planned to work another hour after the meeting on Charlie’s Web so she can get her final draft to James and Sid for comments.

Okay, I think I’ve used up my allotment of exclamation points, but really, last night felt like a breakthrough, with the goals getting met and all. This makes the prospect of pitching loom ever closer, which is scary, but the good roller-coaster kind of scary, not the creepy-clown-in-the-sewer-grate scary.

So – first draft of the Shaman, Water, Bard Trilogy synopsis was completed and sent to James and Mickie for edits and comments. A first draft of the synopsis for Cursebreaker’s Dance was completed and sent to Sid and Mickie for their review and comment. The September blog post is nearly completed, and should be going out to Sid and James for their review and “author says” pieces very soon. And that’s where we stand until next week!

9/6/2017 → Wednesday Skype & Write – MONTHLY MEETING

Last night was our September monthly meeting. Much was discussed, updates were given, and even a bit more worldbuilding was accomplished! So – quite a productive evening.

Worldbuilding…um, I would love to go into deep detail here, but that would spoil future books! Suffice to say that we discussed how witchery is taught in schools (basic curriculum, basic workings and techniques, especially in elementary and high school) and how other skills are learned, especially things like oh, cursebreaking, which isn’t a witchery talent but a learned skill set.We also talked rather more about talents vs. learned skills and how certain witches/deva/orthos would select their paths of study.

Limitations on witchery were also discussed. Obviously, we don’t want superpowered witches that can do anything and everything with their magic, because that would make for really boring stories. Discussing how witchery can and should be limited took us into a discussion of physics, which means James unpacked his physics learnings to help us decide how certain natural laws applied and/or could be bent to accommodate witchery. And people say you never use your degree once you graduate! Between James and our other scientific expert, we are working very seriously to ground our magic in actual scientific principles, and yes, that’s exactly as difficult as it sounds.

There was also some talk of the Deva, and that’s all  I’m saying because spoilers!

In update news: James got Cursebreaker’s Dance back to Sid. She’s beginning the next (hopefully final) revision/draft!

Sid has also nearly completed the framework for the Shaman, Water, Bard Trilogy synopsis. Once that’s done, she’ll pass it off to Mickie and James to put some flesh on the bones.

Now that James has finished his edit pass on Cursebreaker’s Dance, he’s sketching out scenes and making outline notes for his next book in the series, Cat’s Cradle. This will be Perfect Coven Book 6 a/k/a Book 3 of the Ortho, Siren, Were Trilogy.

Mickie is still hard at work on wrapping up Charlie’s Web. Then there will be revisions, then synopses, and then…pitching. Very scary. We’re getting so close.