7/19/2018 Weekly Update

7/18/2018 → Wednesday Skype & Write

We skyped last night but the session was shorter than normal because Sid was ill. She got really rambly and loopy at the end, so James and Mickie sent her to bed.

But, while she was still coherent, some good plotting/planning happened for the Ortho, Siren, Were Trilogy. We have our major plot points nailed down and are now beginning rough outlines.

We are working this trilogy a bit differently than the first. We are doing our outlining together, so we can overlap (this trilogy takes place during the shorter term) and know where one of us might need to throw in some foreshadowing, etc. for upcoming books. And we’re mapping out timelines as we outline instead of after we draft. (Yay! No going back and reworking an entire book because the timeline was too long!)

Also, it helps each of us to have a rough idea of what’s going to happen in the other books, even if we won’t know all the details until we have drafts in hand.

We also touched a bit on querying and query letters. That’s our next step. We want some queries out the door while we begin writing the next trilogy.

That’s all the news for now. Tune in next week for another exciting installment!

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