When it’s my turn to do a blog post, I usually like to write about something creative and interesting in our Perfect Coven world.

That’s not the case this month.

I’m going to rant about writing.

I love writing.  It truly is one of the things I love most in the world.  If I could write all day long and still afford to eat and live indoors, I would.  I almost constantly have stories and ideas for stories dancing and spinning in my head.

Then there are moments of reality.  Moments when I realize that writing is WORK!

I am currently working on some solo projects of my own, but the thing giving me fits and making me think about taking up alcoholism as a hobby is the edit and polish of PERFECT COVEN, BOOK 3:  JASPER’S SONG.

Don’t get me wrong:  I love this book and the whole “Perfect Coven” project.  I really do. But I have read that story so many times that I know the characters almost better than I know my own lifepartner and friends.

And it still isn’t quite what I want it to be.  I can’t define what’s wrong with it, because there’s nothing wrong with it.  But this odd sense of compulsive perfectionism makes me keep going back to it and back to it and back to it and back to it……..

Sadly, this is not the only work where I react like this.  In my solo work, HAND OF THE WITCH, I did so many re-writes and edits that I was dreaming the thing!

What is it about writers – or writing – that makes us do this?  In most activities, even other creative activities, one can easily tell when the work is done.  Writing doesn’t seem to work that way.

Are we emotional masochists?  Or just obsessive?

Sid says:   I would like to laugh, but ummmmm…who else is in the same boat with their writing projects? (*raises hand slowly*) At this point, I’m randomly assigning draft numbers because I honestly can’t remember how many times I’ve edited/revised/rewritten Cursebreaker’s Dance. I’m heartily sick of Shelley and her drama, even though I created it all. And yet, I love the project. I love the world. I love Jasper’s Song (which is fantastic, by the way, no matter how James feels) and Charlie’s Web(also fantastic,though Mickie thinks otherwise). But Cursebreaker…I’m content with its current form, but I’m not happy with it, if that makes sense (and to way too many of my writer/artist/musician/pick-your-creative-field friends, it does). I know I have to let it go sometime or I’ll never write Siren’s Secret, and I’m pretty sure Jasmine will haunt me if I don’t write her story (and I don’t even want to know what Annaliese will do to James if he doesn’t write Cat’s Cradle). We have to let our children go sometime, even when we’re not completely sure they’re ready. 

Mickie says:   Sounds familiar, yes.  I am so close to finishing my draft but have been over-thinking it to pieces.  I need to just do it, but I feel like I’m sabotaging myself.  Maybe it’s first time writer issues for me, because I’m not only deeply concerned about what I have written, but I’m already dreading my editing and revision stage.  I do think that every writer (or musician, or painter) suffers from obsessive perfectionism, and will always think their final work can be improved.  However, I’ve learned from Star Wars and once it’s finished, I swear I’ll leave it alone. 


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