Supernaturals 6: Water Elementals (Continued): Nereids

~Elemental supernaturals continued

Prior posts have discussed man of the Elemental Deva, including the Dryads and the Ailur (Earth), the Naiads (Water), and the hidden Sirens and Peri (Air)

As we discussed only the freshwater contingent of the Water Deva, the Naiads, now is the time to address the other component, the saltwater Nereids, who are probably the worst kept “secret” of the Deva. Nereids are sociable, loving to interact with humans, witches, and other supernaturals, so it isn’t unusual for a pod to climb aboard a boat or a cruise ship to enjoy the social atmosphere for a time, or even to come ashore in a port city for a bit of a party. Nereids come ashore more often these days, as the human world becomes more accepting that gender and sexuality occur on a spectrum. Most Nereids are pansexual, polyamorous, and gender fluid. Personal choices in these areas are respected and rarely questioned.

Nereids are the ocean-dwelling Water Deva. While some may look similar to Naiads, and share an Element, they are not the same species. Nereids can exist in freshwater for a short period of time, just as a Naiad may live in saltwater for time, but eventually both will become poisoned by the water and may even die.

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5/31/2018 Weekly Update

5/30/2018 → Wednesday Skype & Write

We skyped! We didn’t write so much, as last night we were scheduled to work on the second trilogy.

I am happy to report that we did some amazing work last night, and met our goal/deadline!

Our goal/deadline was to map out a plan for the second trilogy. Last night, we completed that plan. We all have our rough list of major plot points, which creates a framework for an outline. We know what is going to happen in each book, and to whom, and how each book will advance the over-arching storyline. We have a loose idea of when certain things will take place, but the timeline isn’t fully planned out quite yet. We are being careful with this part as we want to make sure our overlaps work properly.

Of course, knowing the major plot points really doesn’t spoil anything; our characters have a way of springing surprises on us.

I have to say that the next trilogy is going to be much fun to write. PCEarth is so much richer and deeper than it was when we began writing the Shaman, Water, Bard Trilogy, and we know it so much better now.

Next week is our monthly meeting, where we will review our goals and timelines and make further plans. See you then!

5/24/2018 Weekly Update

5/23/2018 → Wednesday Skype & Write

And we’re back!

Orlando was hot and muggy (it rained the whole time we were there) but the Kennedy Space Center was amazing! Everyone should go there!

Last night we skyped and worked on our trilogy and individual book synopses. Previously, we had written a synopsis for the Perfect Coven Series (covering all thirteen planned books). With the personal issues we encountered these last few months that caused us to miss meetings, we thought we’d fallen behind on our synopsis-writing schedule. However, last night, as we were looking through our various documents, we found a trilogy synopsis that we’d begun back in September, before any of the books were actually finished. So we pulled that out and discovered that we’re a lot further along than we thought! Go us!

This old trilogy synopsis actually contained three quite good individual book synopses. So, as things have progressed since we wrote that document, we spent last night discussing, editing, and tweaking…and now we have a working set of synopses that cover the entire series, the first trilogy, and each book in the trilogy. We are nearly ready to query.

And we are terribly excited.

And a bit terrified.

We still have to work on our query letter, and get some sample chapters ready for each book. That said, here’s our current writing progress (outside of synopses):

James is nearly through his latest revision on Jasper’s Song. One scene has been giving him issues, so he has decided to step away from it for a week and work on the Leftriver Chronicles (yay!) until Jasper resolves himself.

Sid got comments back on Draft Five of Cursebreaker’s Dance and has begun another round of revisions. She is glad to report that most of these revisions are grammatical and cosmetic, so she hopes to kick them out quickly. That said, she is currently 4.85% of the way through the revisions for Draft Six.

Mickie is still plugging away at Charlie’s Web. Chloe is not helping the situation, as she is clamoring for Mickie to begin writing her book…but we’re not quite there yet. Soon, however, very, very soon….

5/10/2018 Weekly Update

5/9/2018 → Wednesday Skype & Write

It was a close thing – Sid is ill – but we did manage to Skype last night. We also managed some writing, even!

Part of last night was spent discussing the Ortho, Siren, Were Trilogy. We are planning plans, dropping plot points on each other, discussing things we’ve learned while researching, and generally gearing up to outline and then write. We have some surprises in store in this second trilogy, and we’re eager to get started!

The writing portion of the evening was surprisingly productive, considering Sid’s illness and the general life craziness this week has showered on the PC Authors in general (house plumbing issues, unforeseen car repairs, work turmoil, and spousal dental surgery are just a few of the things we’ve had to deal with this week alone).

Mickie is so close to the end of Charlie’s Web! She’s also figured out a couple of things to tweak in Charlie’s Web that will figure prominently in Chloe’s Quest. She said her next draft of Charlie’s Web is going to be so much better, but she doesn’t want to start revisions until she’s completed a full draft – including writing “The End” – of Charlie’s Web.

James revised another thirty-five pages of Cursebreaker’s Dance. He’s about ready to hand it back off to Sid for revising, and this, hopefully, will be the final draft used for querying.

Sid worked on the May blog and made quite a bit of progress. She has one more section to finish, but it’s a complicated one. Then it will go to Mickie and James for review and comment, and then – finally – posted to the blog, hopefully while we’re still in May!

5/3/2018 Weekly Update

5/2/2018 → Wednesday Skype & Write

Last night was our monthly meeting. It was a bit short, as we’d had a discussion meeting a couple weeks ago, because April was all over the place.

The two topics under discussion last night was this site, and pitching. There was talk of upgrading, and we settled on a plan. Expect to see some changes over the next few weeks.

Pitching/querying time is fast approaching. We are finalizing synopses, thinking about query letters, and beginning to discuss how/when/where to query. This is about to get real. Wish us luck!