4/26/2018 Weekly Update

4/25/2018 → Wednesday Skype & Write

Skyping and writing happened last night – two consecutive weeks! Yay PC Authors!

Last night was a scheduled writing session, so here’s what we accomplished:

Mickie worked on the March blog post, which entailed a bit of research, but she got the insight she needed, as well as a motivational push to wrap up Charlie’s Web.

James finalized the April blog post and it is now live on the Perfect Coven website (here). This one is a great deal of fun to read, plus it answers some questions we’ve been asking about PCEarth, witches, familiars and their bonds. As an added bonus, it’s from Ette’s point of view!

Sid worked on the May blog post. Nereids are slippery creatures! However, she has the basics down, and now has to work it all into a coherent post. About half of the post is written, but it is going to another heavy one; not surprising, as she is still dealing with the Deva.

Next week is our monthly meeting, where we’ll be talking goals, synopses, querying, and the next trilogy.

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