3/29/2018 Weekly Update

3/28/2018 → Wednesday Skype & Write

Well, well, March hasn’t been any kinder to the PC authors than February was. But here we are, with an update (finally)!

Last week we cancelled, as Sid and Mickie were out of town for very sad, personal reasons. This week, we convened and opted to do some writing as our monthly meeting is next week and we’re planning to revisit deadlines and goals then.

So – writing progress:

Mickie continues her work on Charlie’s Web, but last night, she dedicated our writing session to the March PC blog post. It’s coming along, and should be posted soon.

Sid managed to meet her deadline and get Cursebreaker’s Dance tweaked and turned over to Mickie and James! **happy dance** Sid spent last night researching and working on the May PC blog, as it’s going to be another meaty one and she is trying to get a jump on things. Sid is still covering the Deva in her blog posts.

James spent last night working on some updates and tweaks to Jasper’s Song. He hopes to pass that off soon to Mickie and Sid. We are looking at (we hope) the final drafts of Cursebreaker’s Dance and Jasper’s Song as we get prepared to query.

Everyone is looking forward to reading the entire Shaman, Water, Bard Trilogy together and in order, to see how it all hangs together. We think having the trilogy complete will give us a better insight into how to structure the next one to make sure everything connects properly, and also may help us work better to get the second trilogy completed by the deadlines we’ve set.

3/16/2018 (Bi-)Weekly Update

3/7/2018 → Wednesday Skype & Write: Monthly Meeting & 3/14/2018 → Wednesday Skype & Write

The Weekly Updates have gotten a bit away from us due to a number of reasons. However, we have been meeting, skyping, and writing, so there are updates.

The Monthly Meeting was 3/7/2018. We did meet, and we did some world-building and have begun putting forth plot points and suggestions for the Ortho, Siren, Were Trilogy. We also looked over our quarterly plan and made some tweaks, revised some goal dates, and moved some deadlines. We are still on track to meet our overall goals, however, so that’s all to the good.

On 3/14/2018, we had a writing session, which was much welcomed and much progress was clocked. While we moved Mickie’s goal date for completing Charlie’s Web, after the 14th, she’s much more comfortable that she’ll meet her new goal and get the book to Sid and James. James added some tweaks to Jasper’s Song, as well as some nods to the other books in the Shaman, Water, Bard Trilogy and some hints of what’s to come in the next trilogy, and he’s planning to hand it back to Sid and Mickie for another reading pass. Sid has nearly (so close, so so so close!) completed her final tweaks to Cursebreaker’s Dance, at which point, she’ll hand it back to James and Mickie for another read and critique.

The goal at this point is for us to have the entire trilogy in our hands to read back-to-back-to-back, in order to see how the books hang together and work as a whole with our overall story arc.

That’s all for now; it is a short summary of a lot of work! Oh, well. We’ll be back next week, skyping, writing, and working on our synopses!

Supernaturals 5: Elemental Supernaturals – Air – Sirens & Peri

~Elemental Supernaturals continued

To date, there have been four worldbuilding posts covering the supernatural inhabitants of PCEarth. As discussed in these posts, the Deva are the most closely related to witches, being aligned with an Element. In fact, many Deva are themselves witches, which argues for a genetic connection somewhere in the ancestry.

As Elemental beings, there are, of course, Earth, Air, Fire and Water Deva. The Earth Deva are Dryads and the shapeshifting Ailur. The Water Deva are Naiads and Nereids; we have yet to delve into the strange, ocean-dwelling Nereids, though the more integrated freshwater Naiads have made an appearance on the blog and in the novels.

There are two types of Air Elemental supernaturals, Sirens and Peri. Both are mysterious and rarely seen these days, living high the in mountainous areas in the middle of the continent; the best and highest peaks, of course, lie in the Confederacy Lands of the People.

According to  legend, Sirens used to live in seaside cliffs. However, due to a falling out with the Nereids over interference with storm winds called by the Nereid Queen, the Sirens were forced to relocate inland. The other Air Deva, the winged Peri, rescued the  Sirens from the Queen’s wrath, and took the homeless Sirens into their mountainous Aeries. That living arrangement has survived to the present. Continue reading

3/1/2018 Weekly Update

2/28/2018 → Wednesday Skype & Write

Skyping happened this week, even though Mickie is still coughing up a storm. Because we’ve missed two meetings this month, there was a lot to cover, even though we had planned a writing session.

So…what happened?

Sid has the February blog ready, and it should post later today, after another edit pass. Finishing this blog has given her the insight she needed into her MC’s motivations for the next book, and she’s been furiously scribbling notes and plot points. She’s already beginning work on the May blog because it’s going to be easily as much work as February’s was.

Mickie is also furiously scribbling, but she’s doing revision notes for Charlie’s Web, while also trying to complete the story and get it over to Sid and James. It doesn’t help that the MC for her next book keeps popping up with ideas, so Mickie is also grabbing the plot points for her next book as they keep getting tossed her way.

Okay, so seriously – last night was a plot of talk of plot points and character motivations, honestly, because James is also filling his PC notebook* full of bits and pieces for his next book. He’s running through Jasper’s Song one final time, making sure he’s added in some hints at things to come, checking timelines, and making sure characters have stayed true to their looks and personalities. Also, he’s preparing to solicit agents and publishers for his solo project Hand of the Witch (which is fantastic, and I really hope someone grabs it up).

*Not necessarily an actual notebook, just a catchphrase for “he’s also scribbling down plot points as fast as they occur”.

We are actively beginning our search for agents and publishers in order to pitch the series, and this took up part of last night’s work. There has been some talk on social media about actively looking for “new adult contemporary fantasy”, which means college age protagonists (!) in smaller cities/towns (!!) with a diverse cast of characters (!!!). Since the trend seems to indicate that submissions will start opening up this spring and summer, we are working and planning to have everything ready to pitch as soon as submissions are open. Wish us luck!