2/8/2018 Weekly Update

2/7/2018 → Wednesday Skype & Write

This Wednesday was our monthly meeting. We were set to discuss plot points for the next trilogy; however, this devolved into worldbuilding for the next trilogy (as so often happens). That said, the worldbuilding does translate somewhat into plot points, so we sort of did and sort of didn’t talk about the next trilogy. Next week, we will do some discussion of at least the opening points, and then we have scheduled a writing session.

James has published the January blog post, available here or on our Perfect Coven Wattpad.

Sid is 73% through the Cursebreaker’s Dance revisions, and is also hard at work on the February blog post.

Mickie is still wrangling Charlie’s Web into shape, a job made rather more difficult by a certain part of our discussion last night. Oops.

That’s all for now. We may or may not be here next week, due to the holiday. Updates will be posted.

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