2/2/2018 Weekly Update

2/1/2018 → Thursday Skype & Write

Skyping was cancelled on Wednesday the 31st for work reasons, so we skyped and wrote on Thursday this week. Surprise!

We talked a bit about everyone’s progress and our next meeting, where we will start throwing out plot points for our next set of novels. January has been a crazy month for everyone, so we doubt we’ll all  have hammered out every plot point we want to cover, but we have agreed to at least have some starting points. Next week should be an interesting discussion.

Charlie’s Web is coming along. Mickie had some unexpected difficulties this month; she got the flu, then her cat also became ill, so she got off track. However, both she and Pookie are on the road to recovery and Mickie is moving forward again. She’s refocused and reset her goals, so let’s wish her luck…and no more flu!

James also had some setbacks in January, but he’s recovered and the January blog has been completed. It’s a short story and should be published in the next few days. This one is a great addition to the world of the Perfect Coven!

Sid only had one minor setback in January – two days lost to illness – so she expects February to monkey wrench everything she has planned. That said, she is 65% of the way through her revisions on Cursebreaker’s Dance, which means that she will hopefully meet her deadline of having the revised manuscript back to James and Mickie by March 31st. Also, she has written somewhere between ½ and ⅓ of the February blog. It’s dense, and there have been some surprises, but she’s staying focused and hopes to have it substantially worked out within the next couple of weeks.

That’s all for this week, but we’ll be back next week with a new update.

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