11/16/2017 Weekly Update

11/15/2017 → Wednesday Skype & Write

We came, we skyped, we wrote.

Which means a boring update. Oh well, making the words doesn’t make for exciting updates.

But that does mean words were made!

Mickie has downloaded Scrivener and is working on ‘porting Charlie’s Web into it so she can see what she has and can rearrange scenes, etc. until she gets it in a form she likes. Unfortunately, there’s a learning curve with Scrivener, so she’s moving a bit slower than she’d like. Still, people who write episodically swear by Scrivener, and we’re pretty confident she’ll put it all together and probably has a more complete manuscript than she thinks.

Sid knocked out quite a bit of the November blog last night (again, life has gotten in the way and the blog is later/moving slower than she’d like). It’s a slice-of-life holiday piece focusing on one of the trilogy’s main characters – but not, for once, Shelley or Jasper!

James is working on a polish of his high-fantasy epic, Even A Wizard, while he waits on the other two to catch up. There’s an agent actively seeking high fantasy, so he’s giving this book the once-over so he can submit it. Wish him luck!

Tentatively, we do plan to meet next week, so look for an update then!

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