11/30/2017 Weekly Update

11/29/2017 → Wednesday Skype & Write

We skyped, we wrote (finally)! Neither October nor November has been the best month for productivity, unfortunately. We will be doing some Skyping & Writing during December, but we may be sporadic.

So – to recap last night:

Mickie has downloaded Scrivener and is importing all her bits and pieces of Charlie’s Web into the program so she can see the breadth of the story so far. Scrivener has a bit of a learning curve, so it’s going slower than she’d like, but once she masters the software, things will speed up. She does like the program and is planning to write the entirety of her next book, Chloe’s Quest, using Scrivener as it fits her writing style much better than Word.

Sid put in some work on the November blog. Yes, it’s late and she’s very upset about that, but there will be a blog. Promise!

James edited seventeen pages of Even a Wizard, his high fantasy epic last night. He will most likely continue to concentrate on that through the holidays, so he can get it ready for submission. Come January, however, all three of us will be re-focused on Perfect Coven.

And that’s all the news until next week!

11/16/2017 Weekly Update

11/15/2017 → Wednesday Skype & Write

We came, we skyped, we wrote.

Which means a boring update. Oh well, making the words doesn’t make for exciting updates.

But that does mean words were made!

Mickie has downloaded Scrivener and is working on ‘porting Charlie’s Web into it so she can see what she has and can rearrange scenes, etc. until she gets it in a form she likes. Unfortunately, there’s a learning curve with Scrivener, so she’s moving a bit slower than she’d like. Still, people who write episodically swear by Scrivener, and we’re pretty confident she’ll put it all together and probably has a more complete manuscript than she thinks.

Sid knocked out quite a bit of the November blog last night (again, life has gotten in the way and the blog is later/moving slower than she’d like). It’s a slice-of-life holiday piece focusing on one of the trilogy’s main characters – but not, for once, Shelley or Jasper!

James is working on a polish of his high-fantasy epic, Even A Wizard, while he waits on the other two to catch up. There’s an agent actively seeking high fantasy, so he’s giving this book the once-over so he can submit it. Wish him luck!

Tentatively, we do plan to meet next week, so look for an update then!

11/10/2017 Weekly Update

11/08/2017 → Wednesday Skype & Write

Sorry for the late/non-existent updates; life seems to have gone off the chain for all three of us. In fact, Mickie has decreed that if one more outside-the-pale thing happens, she’s calling all meetings until the New Year. There will, of course, be an update if that happens.

That said, in spite of bad news and weird accidents, we managed something of a monthly meeting. We discussed some aspects of the witches and supernaturals that we’d put aside earlier, and talked a bit about the November blog (it’s coming, I promise, things are just off right now).

We also talked a bit about process and tools; Word is giving Mickie fits. She’s decided to download Scrivener and give it a try as it seems better suited to her episodic style of writing. She also likes the drag-and-drop organization aspect, as she is afraid she loses bits when she has to cut & paste with Word. So – does anyone out there use Scrivener? Thoughts? Tips? Tricks? Recommendations? Is there another software that you use that might work? Let us know in the comments or use the contact form.