9/27/2017 Weekly Update

9/27/2017 → Wednesday Skype & Write

Skyping and writing, skyping and writing….

And that’s really it.

Mickie re-wrote a pivotal scene in Charlie’s Web, and has determined where it needs to go in the book (she initially had it too early on), so now she’s polishing her transition.

Sid added 93 new words to Cursebreaker’s Dance, and is now 17.11% through her revisions.

James has outlined the first three chapters of Cat’s Cradle, which led to an interesting discussion about familiars and secrets they may know or not…and that’s all I’m saying because spoilers!

There is a tiny update to the Other Projects tab on the blogsite. Sid is planning a webcomic-type project, and the link is now on the site here.

Next week will be our monthly planning meeting, so tune in for details then!

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