7/26/2017 → Wednesday Skype & Write

Last night, for the first time in a while, we did an actual writing session. The timer was set, fingers poised over keyboards, and off we went!

Mickie and James both spent the time on reading/editing/critiquing Cursebreaker’s Dance. They should be finished soon, and will pass the book back to Sid for another round of revisions. She’s looking forward to diving into this third (or is it the fourth?) draft of the book. This should be the final draft, the one that will be included in the pitch package.

Sid worked on the August blog, which she sincerely hopes will come together and actually be published in August (meaning within deadline). For August, she’s returned to the supernaturals in PCEarth series.

As previously discussed, we are working on the blog site with an eye to turning it into an actual, interactive website in the future. That said, we’ve made some updates you may wish to check out.

Blog updates:

  • We’ve added some new questions – with answers! – to the FAQ
  • We have updated the Links with a list of where the Perfect Coven can be found on social media
  • There is now a link in the Other Projects section for M. L. James’s other urban fantasy series, Wake The Clans

After reading this update, please poke around the blogsite and let us know what you like, what you don’t, and if there’s anything else you might like to see!


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