Doing things a bit differently this month; for December blog, we have a short story offering, another tale of Jasper and Shelley as precocious children getting into trouble as only young, talented witches can. This story also features Shelley’s beloved grandmother, who passed away during Shelley’s senior year of high school and Jasper’s freshman year of college, right around Christmas. Both Shelley and Jasper miss Granny terribly; perhaps this story will give you some inkling as to why.

So – we’re going to dive immediately into the comments from the other Perfect Coven authors, then the story itself is under the cut, or on the Perfect Coven Wattpad if you prefer to read it there.

James says: Why would their parents ever allow them to continue being friends? Sensible parents would have put a continent or two between these kids.  Now that we have this second story about the pair, we’re starting to get ideas for other stories about them as they were kids.  And I have to admit that I’ve started building an idea about the childhood of one of our other major characters.

Mickie says: Another fun story about the childhood misadventures of two of our core characters.  We’ve all got stories like this from our youth, without the magic, of course.  But then, think of how much more trouble you would have gotten in if there had been magic involved!

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