Extraplanar Supernaturals in PCEarth

Extraplanar supernatural entities are proven to exist, but have the fewest ties to witches and witchery. They are sentient entities in their own right, existing on their own plane(s), but able to manifest in PCEarth, usually by desperate circumstance or calling (see Witches blog on Augers/Auspex.

Haunts are bound entities. This means they are tied to a place (called a locus), and can move only a limited distance from that locus, in a circle, like a ball on a cord. Auger lore and PCEarth legend states that Haunts are bound for punishment. This may be true, as Haunts have been known to depart from their loci after a period of time. If called back by an Auger, lore and legend states that they say they’ve “amended”.

A Haunt can can possess Witches or Deva, but not Orthos or familiars. There are various theories for this. The prevailing theory posits that Haunts have elemental ties like Witches and Deva, and those similarities leave Witches and Deva open to possession. Orthos have no elemental ties,and familiars, while they do have some elemental ties (or so legend has it), are believed to be just too strong for a Haunt.

A Haunt can only possess to the length of their shackle, which varies entity to entity. If a possessed person can move enough to get out of the Haunt’s range, they will return to themselves, though the process may  be painful. A Haunt can also be called out of a person and exorcised by an Auger or an Auger/Auspex. However, since Augers are rare, it’s often easiest to transport the possessed person out of the Haunt’s locus. Continue reading