An Introduction to the Supernaturals of the Perfect Coven World

While the books of the Perfect Coven series center around witches, it is important to know that there are other inhabitants of the Perfect Coven world with skills and attributes that are beyond the Perfect Coven norm.

As witches have types and talents, so do the Supernaturals of the Perfect Coven world. It has been posited that witches began as Supernatural/Ortho hybrids, and the correlation between Elemental witch types and talents and certain Supernatural species lends some credence to this theory.

There are different categories of Supernaturals, some of which are still considered to be mythological, while some Supernaturals are an accepted part of society, though individuals may keep their Supernatural status quiet. My next few blogs will address the types of supernatural beings one might encounter on PCEarth.

First off, there are the Extraplanar Supernaturals. These include ghosts, haunts, angels, and devils. Please note that demons are not Supernaturals; they are semi-sentient viruses.

Then there are the Elemental Supernaturals, called Deva among themselves, those that are believed to be among the forebears of modern witches. Their powers and traits correspond most closely to those of the witches, to the point that the two species share some meta skills. In addition, the Deva may also be witches, though possessing witchery may limit their Supernatural abilities. They are the only group that can cross that boundary. The Deva include Sirens, Peri, Naiads, Nereids, Weres, Dryads, Djinn and Aamir

Finally, there the legends: the Sidhe, the Fey, and vampires. These creatures may exist, or they may not. There is no definitive proof either way, but they are well-documented in folklore and myth.

James says: As our world develops, we find more and more aspects of it that are even more interesting than we ever expected. A lot of the things we’re creating have been approached through a “back door” sort of method. We have something in our world and then have to determine how it got there, so we create a past for it. And that leads to more question and more stories. This world is growing in ways that are already far beyond the simple idea we originally had for some connected stories.

Mickie says:  The world building for this series has taken on a life of its own. Like James said, we’re creating a vivid history to support our present. As we work out our story arcs for future books and the entire planned series, it seems we need more information! We’re all doing research and making sure everything makes sense in this world and the real world. Thanks to Sid for taking on the Supernaturals!