Happy New Year!

Well, not so happy, as quite a few people who have been pretty influential in my life have passed away in the last few weeks.   Here’s hoping the Grim Reaper has satisfied himself with his recent acquisitions, and that the rest of the year will be cheery. 2015 was exhausting, so I’m looking forward to what lies ahead.

2016 is going to be a pivotal year for Perfect Coven. We have 2 out of 3 first drafts completed, and since my book is the hold out, I’ve got a deadline to have it finished in the next couple of months. As a group, we’ve hammered out our timeline and plan to have our stories edited and ready for submission later this year. We’re going to spend the summer setting up the next trilogy, and hopefully start writing in the fall. We also need to start the process of looking for agents to query, so it’s going to be a very busy year.

That’s the plan for the group. On a personal level, my plan for this year is FINISH MY BOOK, followed by FINISH MY BOOK, with a bit more of FINISH THE BOOK ALREADY! I’ve carved out my writing time and I’m trying to stay on schedule to have things ready per the agreed upon timeline. I have high hopes that the experience of writing this story will make the next one come together faster. I’ve allotted time to go see Ace Frehley in April, but other than that, I’m all about Charlie’s Web.

I’m keeping an eye on the weather, and hoping it will snow this weekend, so I can pretend to be Jack at the Overlook Hotel. Except for the part where he goes crazy and terrorizes his wife and kid.  Hm…let me rethink that. What I mean to say is that curling up on the couch to write with some hot chocolate and maybe a pastry while the snow falls would be a nice way to spend the weekend. J

Someone go do a snow dance!

James says:  One thing we’re hoping to do this year is convince Mickie to FINISH HER BOOK!!!!  LOL  Seriously, we have a lot on our plates for 2016, so far as Perfect Coven is concerned.  If all goes well, we could have agent representation by the end of the year.  And after that comes publication of the first trilogy and a contract for the others, and then comes fame and fortune, and….here comes the panic attack of anticipation.  Every now and then I look at our notes and plans for this series and all I can think is “Oh good gods!  We’re actually doing this!”

Sid says: It has been a dismal beginning to 2016, but I hope that the rest of the year turns out better, especially for Perfect Coven. I’m currently taking a hiatus from Cursebreaker’s Dance while James and Mickie do a read-through; when I get their comments, I’ll start my edit pass. While doing the editing, I’ll need to start working on a synopsis and begin plotting out PC5: Siren’s Secret, while researching agents and editors so we can begin querying. Yeah, 2016 is going to be very busy indeed.