All I Want For Yule Is…

I want to make a movie.

That is both more and less than it sounds.

What I want to do is make a small one- to three-minute animated short-short. I have a movie app on my laptop, an animation app on my iPad, and even a voice-changing app for dialogue.1

I had actually intended to do such a thing for the blog this month, but life and work and writing and other art and animals got in the way and then I realized that I was already late with the blog and I hadn’t even begun to draw the characters for the animation. So I thought, “Hey, I can make an animated, Perfect Coven-themed holiday GIF, and maybe do holiday wish lists for the characters or something.” That wouldn’t be too hard and I could maybe even get the blog out not too late.

Yeah. Best laid plans, and all that.2

So I sat down yesterday afternoon to throw together a quick GIF of falling snow on pine trees or something. I had a million windows open on my laptop because I’d been writing in the morning and just left it as is so I could come back to it later. I clicked around, doing this and that, trying to get my apps lined up to make the GIF, and got a bit frustrated because I had too many windows open and also I needed something on a thumb drive and I already had one plugged in and so on and so forth. So I started closing things down, trying to clear some virtual workspace…and not to drag this out any further, I somehow managed to shut Word down without saving properly. (This, even though I save nearly every paragraph when I’m writing to prevent such things from happening.)

And I lost everything I’d written.

I lost the entire cursebreaking.

I lost somewhere between 900 and 1,200 words.

Since I was busy having hysterics at that point, I didn’t do the GIF, either.

So what you’re getting for a blog this month is my holiday wishlist.

I want my lost words back.

(And I still want to make a movie.)

I suppose I should turn this into an educational thingy about being more careful about saving and backing up, and maybe even something about the pitfalls of writing, and then end it with a bit about having to re-do the scenes I lost and since I’ve done them once, this will technically be the second draft and it should therefore be even better, but honestly, I’m not feeling all that optimistic.3 I just want my words back.

So – there you have it. Save often, and make sure your writing program is saving properly. And if you do somehow manage to lose your work, write a blog whining about it. It’s cathartic.4

1Uh, Mickie and James, if you get a script and a request to record the lines and email that recording to me, just do it. Don’t ask questions.  

2Also, did I mention that this weekend is our anniversary? Only Best Spouse Ever is quarantined upstairs under a vow of silence because he has the plague and sounds like Beaker the Muppet when he talks. 

3Though all of that is technically true. I know what I was doing with the cursebreaking, so I should be able to recreate it, stronger, better, faster. And I will definitely pay more attention to Word to make sure it’s actually saving when I hit the save icon.

4Not really, but I had to write something.

James says: Ouch. Ouch. And quintuple ouch. Losing words that you’ve written is like having piece of your soul pulled out of your body and then slowly gnawed to bits by a family of slavering wolverines……except the loss of words is more painful. This is what writers feel toward their work, it seems. And yet, in some sort of masochistic insanity, we keep on writing and putting those words out there for other people to read. We are clearly insane.

And, also, Happy Anniversary, Sid!

Mickie says: It’s hard to get the words on screen in the first place. Losing them is awful. Trying to rewrite and recreate your work is a bitch, because you second guess yourself the whole time. The struggle is real!