Making History by Mickie

July is flying by and my story is inching along. It feels like I’ve been doing more world building than actual writing in the last few weeks.   Between Sid, James and myself, we’ve added some depth to our world, creating its history and specifically addressing events that influence our individual stories and the overall story arc. It’s made for some interesting discussions and I’ve been glad on occasion that we on Skype instead of in a coffee shop for some of it.

I’ve also fleshed out what was originally going to be a prologue to my book, telling Charlie’s back story. I’ve decided to use pieces of it as flashbacks instead, in reaction to events in the story. I think it will be a short story all on its own, so it will probably end up on this blog eventually.

I’m half way through my first draft, so I’m hopeful that things will flow a bit faster. James has finished his first draft of Jasper’s Song and Sid is on pace to finish Cursebreaker’s Dance. Why did I get the first book again?   Oh well, enough whining and more writing!

JAMES SAYS: Mickie got the first book because she knows more about the romance genre than Sid and I. She is the one who got assembled the tropes we are using in the series, and who instructed us in some of the ways to put together a romance series. And, despite what she may think, she’s doing a great job on her story.

SID SAYS: You got the first book because you’ve read more romance than either James or me! Your book is the example we plan to follow.

That said, I’m moving along toward my goal of finishing the first draft by the end of July. I’m allowed to make one editing pass before I give it over to James and Mickie for their critique (as long as I don’t take six months to read over it). I do know that Mickie’s input us going to be extremely necessary at that point; I can write fantasy and witchcraft and spells and monsters all day, but I don’t have much experience writing romance. I need Mick to point out where I’ve missed chances to add in the smoochies.

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