Wednesday Cookie Time Again!

Yes, it’s that time again. Wednesday Night Skype-&-Write, and there are some exciting developments!

Mickie wrote 325 words on Perfect Coven 1: Charlie’s Web. She’s moving along, and the story is accelerating.

Sid plotted out Chapter Nine of Perfect Coven 2: Cursebreaker’s Dance. This is going to be the final chapter of the book and it’s going to be a rollercoaster ride of witchery and workings and curses and romance!

James wrote 740 words on Perfect Coven 3: Jasper’s Song and is not stopping now because he’s into the final scene of the book.

So – goal of a first draft completed by June 30th is looking good! Onward!


Wednesday cookie time!

We did our usual Wednesday Skype-&-Write yesterday, but there were no cookies. We worked on our individual book synopses, and will extrapolate a synopsis for the first trilogy from those. From the trilogy synopses,of course, we’ll get our series synopsis.

Mickie is closest to getting PC1: Charlie’s Web in the correct form and the correct length.

James is next with PC3: Jasper’s Song. His is about two pages long right now.

I am overly wordy with the synopsis for PC2: Cursebreaker’s Dance; current length is three pages, and very detailed.

We’ve exchanged them for editing. I hope Mickie and James are red-pen ruthless. I’ve got to cut it down to one page before we can pitch.

Pitching – ah, that’s a whole other thing, with its own rules and formalities. We have a plan, of course, which will probably be the subject of posts as we get close to the goal.

Art Show!

Mika, the barista at the Cracked Mug, is also an artist. He is an art student at GLU, and occasionally exhibits there as well as at local clubs, bars, and – of course – at the Mug.

He has a small show at a tiny gallery associated with the art school, with a couple of other students. The show is called Portraits, and features different takes on the art of portraiture. One student painted her fellow students in the classical mode, complete with period dress. Another painted his friends as famous paintings, for example, his girlfriend as Titian’s Venus Anadyomene.

Mika chose to paint his friends’ familiars at their favorite places.

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Wednesday Cookie time!

Wednesday Skype-&-Write means word metrics. We did a 1K1hr, with a quick break after 30 minutes to check progress. Results are:

Mickie wrote 912 words on PC1: Charlie’s Web! Ohhhhh yeah! Cookies, cookies, cookies!

Sid: I didn’t work on PC2: Cursebreaker’s Dance tonight because I was busy working on the June blog post (soon, soon, I tell you, it will be done. Tease: it features a character who has a major role in a book down the line!). However, I have completed my first edit pass of Chapter 8. I’m going to do one more read-thru, then onward to Chapter 9. Things are heating up, and curses are in the water.

James wrote 845 words on PC3: Jasper’s Song. Very nice. Maybe Mickie will share her cookies.

We are setting new goals and timelines, updating some story elements, and getting our synopses ready. It’s a lot of work, but we really love this series, so it’s worth it.