This week we had a discussion meeting via Skype, and came up with an interesting side bit that might just make an appearance on this blog someday!

After that, we did a 30 minute/500 word writing session, stats  as follows:

Perfect Coven 1: Charlie’s Web – 375 words. Go, Mickie!

Perfect Coven 2: Cursebreaker’s Dance – 510 words.  Yay me!

Perfect Coven 3: Jasper’s song – 641 words. James wins again! (He’s at an exciting part of this book, and  I think he enjoys torturing his poor characters).

So, collectively, we added 1,526 words to the trilogy. Oh, yeah!

Last bit of news: we started a Twitter account for the series, @PerfectCoven. GIve us a look and a follow!


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