Wednesday Cookie Prize Goes to…

Yes, it’s Wednesday again already, and that’s our Skype-&-Write night. S&W means word metrics, so here’s how we did:

Mickie wrote 528 words on PC1: Charlie’s Web. Woo! She’s working out some intricacies for a thing that is going to carry through all thirteen books. I don’t envy her this task; first book in a series is so much work, especially on background stuff that has to be known to us but may never make it on a page of the book. But it may show up here, so stay tuned!

James wrote 724 words for the short story that will be May’s blog post; he completed a first draft. Mickie and I should be getting it soon for an edit pass. Can’t wait!

Sid (me) wrote 464 words on PC2: Cursebreaker’s Dance. I’ve got to design a working, so that’s going to take me some time.

So that’s tonight’s status. We’ll be at it again next week, same Bat time, same Bat channel.

Also, check out our series twitter account, @PerfectCoven, and join us in a writing session some Wednesday.


Words, Words Everywhere!

It’s Wednesday, and Wednesday is Skype-&-Write night, and that means word metrics!

This week we did a 1K1hour session and this is what we got:

James wrote 850 words on a Perfect Coven short story that will be the May blog post in a few weeks. This will probably never appear in the books, but it is something fun to know about **redacted for spoilers**!

Sid wrote 1,049 words on Perfect Coven 2: Cursebreaker’s Dance. Things are coming home to roost!

Mickie wrote 317 words on Perfect Coven 1: Charlie’s Web. She claims she’s way behind, but she’s laying the groundwork for the series, and that’s hard. She’ll catch up, though.

It’s a New World Order (sort of)

The new regime is in place and things are moving along nicely. Our new process is actually a lot more productive, as our meetings now start with a discussion period to address any shared world concerns, and then we jump right into a 30 minute or 1 hour writing session.   The 1k1hr sessions have been really great, and we’ve been hitting our goals pretty consistently.

I’m still quite a ways behind Sid and James, which is a concern, as I’m writing the first book! Work is definitely eating into a lot more time than I had anticipated and I haven’t been able to do any writing outside of our weekly meeting. This is going to have to change if I’m going to hit my deadline. I thought I’d have more time available, but as always, life gets in the way. My commute time has doubled (and that’s on a good day), and I’ve discovered that household chores take a lot longer to do now that there’s just me doing them. I’m still getting adjusted to things, so I will get writing into the mix too.

We’re also working on our book synopses for the whole series, in anticipation of trying to market the books. I’ve got a whole lot of writing to get done in the next couple of months!

As far as my story goes, I’m doing some restructuring from my original outline. Instead of a prologue (which I’d already written), I’m breaking it up into the chapters as flashbacks where it’s relevant to the current scene. I’m doing some foreshadowing and setting up events that will eventually impact the entire story arc.

SID SAYS:  The new way of doing things is definitely helping our process. We are much more productive during our weekly meetings. That said, I need to be more productive during the rest of the week. Synopses need to get fleshed out, and I want a working draft by June so I can get some feedback from Mickie and James, and hopefully a re-write completed before the conference date. We need good, workable drafts to pitch. I’m having characters for other books begin to pop into my brain, bringing me tidbits of information. The most vocal character is for a book waaay down the line (Book 11, Stranger’s Duet). She’s very insistent – which says a lot about her already, doesn’t it? Now with that bit of teaser, I’m signing off!


JAMES SAYS:  The series is shaping up wonderfully.  We’re all three putting a lot of effort into it and the results show in the work.  Part of the reason for all this effort is the conference we’re planning to attend later in the year.  I am finding that as I work on Book 3, I am developing more ideas for Book 6.  And ideas for books 9 and 12 have started to appear.  Since this is a growing series, this is proving to be a lot of fun for me.  I have worked some characters into the story that are going to be major players in later books.  At the moment, a minor character from Book 2 is filling an important role in Book 3.  This will be one of the focal characters in Book 6, so I am really enjoying the opportunity to explore this character now before the time when I make this the main character of a future book.

Cookies for me!

It’s Wednesday, time for our weekly Skype-&-Write. This week, we had some discussion of characters, and a 30-minute writing session. That means word metrics!

Perfect Coven 1: Charlie’s Web – Mickie was working on the Perfect Coven April blog post, so no words on the book tonight. However, she did write 245 words for the blog. I’m looking forward to reading it.

Perfect Coven 2: Cursebreaker’s Dance – 538 words. I win!

Perfect Coven 3: Jasper’s Song – 517 words. Yay James! (He’s so far ahead, I know he’s going to win the cookies!)

That’s a grand total of 1,055 words on the series tonight. We are definitely moving toward our June deadline goal.

James Wins Again!

Tonight’s the night for our weekly Skype-&-Write. Totals as follows:

Perfect Coven 1: Charlie’s Web – 323 words in a 30 minute sprint. Yay Mickie! (Her scene is coming together, so she says she’s going to keep writing).

Perfect Coven 2: Cursebreaker’s Dance – 502 words in 30 minutes. Go me! (I have to start getting our individual book and the group series synopses together for fleshing out, so that’s my next order of business).

Perfect Coven 3: Jasper’s Song – 1,040 words in 30 minutes. James wants (and is apparently going to get) all the cookies!

That’s a total of 1,865 words added to the series tonight. We are moving closer to that goal every day, every week, every writing session, whether together or solo.


This week we had a discussion meeting via Skype, and came up with an interesting side bit that might just make an appearance on this blog someday!

After that, we did a 30 minute/500 word writing session, stats  as follows:

Perfect Coven 1: Charlie’s Web – 375 words. Go, Mickie!

Perfect Coven 2: Cursebreaker’s Dance – 510 words.  Yay me!

Perfect Coven 3: Jasper’s song – 641 words. James wins again! (He’s at an exciting part of this book, and  I think he enjoys torturing his poor characters).

So, collectively, we added 1,526 words to the trilogy. Oh, yeah!

Last bit of news: we started a Twitter account for the series, @PerfectCoven. GIve us a look and a follow!