Moving this series along!

So, I’m in Michigan. Mickie and James are in Georgia. We are group writing by Skype, and I have to say that it does seem to be working for us. Today’s 1K1hr stats are as follows:

PC1: Charlie’s Web – 600 new words! Yay Mickie!

PC2: Cursebreaker’s Dance – 1,047 new words. Go me!

PC3: Jasper’s Song – 1,200 new words! And James is the winner tonight! 


Turn and Face the Strange Ch-ch-changes

The times, they have changed; and I don’t mean just Daylight Savings (ugh-what a horror). February was a month of chaos and upheaval. Everything is upside down and inside out.

I am writing and posting this blog from the Frozen Wastes of Michigan (specifically, the Ann Arbor area), while James and Mickie are staying in the Warm Fields of Atlanta, Georgia. This move necessitates more than a bit of change in our writing habits and our ability to meet. However, I am happy to report that we did a test run of a group writing session via Skype and it was a success! So we are going to be able to (virtually) meet.

This month, as it’s my first in Michigan and I am in box hell, as you can see:

These are SOME of the unpacked boxes...and my tired feet in my favorite gray cat socks.

These are SOME of the unpacked boxes…and my tired feet in my favorite gray cat socks.

we are only going to try to meet once, maybe twice. As things smooth out (and I find my notebooks, pens, and other tools which are in various boxes), I’m hoping that we’ll get back to our weekly writing sessions (via Skype, of course), with one actual video conference each month to discuss progress, status, brainstorm, check in, catch up, scold or be scolded, all those things we need to do in order to have working drafts by October (group goal, as Mickie discussed in a prior post).

Also, since I am in box hell (did you see the picture I stuck in here? Aighhhh!), I didn’t really have time or computer or internet access to write much. Therefore, I am going to give you a short-short or vignette piece, set the year before the first Perfect Coven trilogy takes place, when Jasper is preparing to leave for GLU and Shelley is a senior in high school. This story is intended to give you a glimpse into their relationship.

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