Writing Goals For The New Year

Happy New Year.

I’ve been dreading 2015.  It’s going to be a year of massive change for me.  As a rule, I don’t mind change, but I like it to be firmly under my control.  Since I don’t really have that option at this time, I’m going to control what I can! Hence – resolutions

I’m not going to drag you down with all my personal goals, etc. – these are just my goals as far as this writing project is concerned:

  • My first resolution is write about 2500 words a week.  If I hit my weekly goals, I will have my first draft done by June.  So far, I’m failing at this one for January.  I expect to improve beginning in March.


  • The second resolution is to join Georgia Romance Writers.  It’s a great resource, and will be the first step in our group’s plan to take over the world.


  • My third resolution is to attend the Moonlight and Magnolias writer’s convention and submit my draft for review by editors and publishers.  This is a simply terrifying prospect.  I will be letting an unknown, uninterested party near my baby. What if they hate it? What if they say it sucks?  Even scarier, what if they tell me it’s good and they are interested? At least I won’t be alone.  The overall goal for the whole group is to submit our novels and hopefully make some connections to get this ball rolling.


Short, sweet and (in theory),  doable.

Now, there are things that are going to interfere with my ability to honor these resolutions – work and life always get in the way. The biggest thing is that Sid is moving to Michigan, and we will no longer have our weekly writer’s group meetings at Starbucks.  These meetings have been key to our process, since we have a shared world.  Sometimes, you need to bounce ideas off your writing partners to see if something is going to work since it impacts all of our characters. It’s definitely been a part of my learning experience.   We’re planning to keep our meetings via Skype, but it’s not going to be the same!


There’s going to be a lot of upheaval at home for the first quarter of the year with Sid and Roland packing and moving and then rearranging.   Then, I have to adjust to living by myself.   I hereby solemnly resolve that I will not stock the cupboards with Spaghettios.  Nor will I come home and read until I fall asleep. Or turn into a hermit.  I plan to set aside an hour every day to write with a goal to write at least 500 words.  I’ll also do the #1hour1000K thing on Twitter at least once a week: writers from all walks – published, aspiring, etc – all join in to write with a goal of 1000 words in an hour.  I have alerts and apps and a chalkboard with reminders to keep me on track. Essentially, I am going to rigidly regiment myself until all of this is habit instead of wishing.  Here’s to 2015 and to a successful year of writing.

Sid says: Errrrrr…upheaval all around. I don’t wanna move to Michigan! *kicks heels on floor* 


Yeah, that helped. Well, since I’m going, I need some resolutions as well. The M&M conference is a group goal; part of the package is a pitch opportunity. Ergo, we all need a finished draft of one novel by conference date. Which means I *have* to make time to write. Which means I *have* to check in with my partners-in-crime regularly. I need them to keep me honest. I suppose I’ll have to send weekly status reports…and then there will be the monthly group Skype session where I’ll have to answer to them if I fall behind. Still, I think we can do this. After all, we want to rule the YA paranormal romance writing world. It’ll take work, but we can do it. We will conquer!


James says:  Tell you what, Mickie, I will join in on the #1hour1000k thing.  That way we can be some local support for one another.  Aside from that, you’re not the only one terrified by the prospect of showing our work to editors at the conference.  What if they don’t find our world as fascinating as we do?  What if the details we have painstakingly crafted don’t impress them?  What if they want to sign us to a thirteen-book contract on the spot!!!?????  Wait…I went into that sentence with a point, but I seem to have lost it.

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