Living in a Southern town…benefits of.

In olden times, in order to become a published writer, you had to be where the publishing and editing strongholds were, like New York. Now, thanks to the lightning fast communication provided by the internet, you can live anywhere and still be a successful writer. For instance, Georgia is chock full of romance writers. There are several prominent authors located in the Metro Atlanta area alone, and one can usually find autographed books in one’s local bookstore. There are some notable writer conferences in Atlanta, due to the saturation of writers and due to Atlanta’s role as a travel hub. Romance Writers of America had their 2013 convention here in Atlanta, bringing 2000 published and aspiring authors to the event. Georgia Romance Writers is a chapter of RWA with around 200 members. Georgia Romance Writers hosts Moonlight and Magnolias annually. The Decatur Book Festival is an internationally recognized event held over Labor Day weekend.

As a novice writer, knowing that there are so many successful writers, and specifically writers in my genre, is exciting and a bit of a relief. It’s also quite nice to have easy access to the information available at these conferences and conventions.  Maybe we’re not just chasing a pipe dream!

I hope to attend Moonlight and Magnolias in 2015, since this conference has a lot of information and potential contacts for aspiring writers. By then, I may even have a manuscript to shop!


2 thoughts on “Living in a Southern town…benefits of.

  1. Sid says: we hope to attend as a group, with the first trilogy ready to go. Moonlight & Magnolias is a great conference for an aspiring author to attend, no matter what genre you’re writing (I attended once, many years ago, just for the experience. It was my first writer’s conference.) There’s so much good information to be had and contacts to make. Plus it’s really, really fun.

  2. James says: If we can have our first trilogy ready to be seen by someone other than ourselves, taking it to this conference could be a good way for us to get publisher interest in the series. Conferences like this can be a great way to open the door to getting a series published. I haven’t been to a romance writers conference before, but I went to a science-fiction/fantasy conference many years ago and it was a great experience.

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