“Guest” Post on Familiars



Professor Oswald T. Wyatt-Highfield, PhD in Witchery History and Theory

                  While Ortho humans most often see the familiars “possessed” by witches as little more than “pets” or “trained animals” the truth of the witch-familiar relationship is far more than that. The bond and relationship with his familiar is likely to be the strongest and most intimate bond any witch will ever experience.

While the exact nature of the familiar’s origins are not known, one theory has shown itself to be more widely accepted than any other, as well as more strongly supported by the few facts currently available. Allow me to provide an example to illustrate this theory. A human family may consist of several children, any number of whom may be witches, whether the parents are witches themselves or Orthos. Likewise with familiars. A litter born to a queen cat may contain one or more kittens that are physically unlike the littermates, physically differing from the “cat norm” and showing itself to be a future familiar to a witch.

Yes, I am suggesting that familiars are the animal equivalent of the human phenomenon of witchery. Consider the similarities: human witches have abilities and powers not possessed by the Ortho majority; familiars have abilities and powers not normally possessed by animals of their species. Witches find their workings stronger and more stable once the bond with a familiar has been formed. Evidence suggests that the animals that become familiars have rudimentary supranormal abilities but lack the full control that makes the familiar so vitally important to the witch.

Allow me the analogy of the tuning fork. A tuning fork, when struck, produces a clear, piercing tone. When brought into proximity to another fork tuned to the same note, that second fork will begin producing the same sound, though nothing has struck it to produce any sound. The second fork begins to resonate with the first one, to bring two similar items into great accord with one another, and to create a stronger, more pure sound. So it is with a witch and familiar. When a witch and the familiar-animal who are of such like temperament that they can be said to “resonate” with one other meet for the first time, a resonance of the soul or mind is created. When together, both are stronger and more powerful than they ever could be separately.

Even stronger evidence suggests that bonding with a witch increases the intelligence of the familiar. While not all familiars are blessed with the power of human speech, there is no arguing that they possess full human intelligence. Clearly, this part of the witch-familiar bond has not even begun to be understood.

Sid says: I’ve just finished the draft of Chapter Six of Cursebreaker’s Dance. We’re building up for the big showdown, so to speak. In this chapter, the familiars of Charlie, Mars and Jasper flex their witchery (i.e., magical) muscles, so this blog is rather apropos.

Mickie says: Unfortunately, I’m struggling a bit with my storyline. I’m doing some research and reading, hoping it will inspire me to start writing again. Further updates as events warrant.