Author Biography

The “Perfect Coven” series is being written under a set of pen names rather than using our real names.  This is mostly so that when the series becomes the greatest literary sensation in the history of the written word, we will still be able to go out in public without being trampled to death by hordes of admiring fans.

All authors must have biographies, of course, and this applies even more strongly to those authors who don’t actually exist.  Thus, below is the biography of one of our authors.




The author L.M. James has only recently appeared on the literary scene.  Now that he has, however, he is determined to produce some of the best books ever written.  As he is extremely over-read (as if such a thing is actually possible!) he has an excellent store of knowledge as to what his books must be to qualify for this description.  His past occupations have included aerospace engineer and neurobiologist.  (Yes, that’s right; rocket science and brain surgery.)  When not involved in writing good books, L’s favorite past-time is to read good books written by other people.  He lives in the Atlanta area where he is owned and operated by three cats, each of which believes itself to be in charge of the home.



Sid says:  es, one must do what one can to avoid the Hottentot Hordes when one writes great literature. However, if you must find L. when he’s out and about, look for the inconspicuous man in the coffee shop; he’ll be the one in the corner wearing a Hawaiian shirt, Greek armour, and large sunglasses. Please be discreet when requesting an autograph.



Mickey says:  I’m still working on my 3rd chapter, and I’m just throwing words at the page hoping something sticks.  However, I have come up with a new story idea, which is being fleshed out as you read this.  Please…contain your excitement.  Updates as events warrant!