5 Rules

5 Rules

Posted by Sid

Something I found that I thought would be good to keep in mind.

Also, there may be a secret project in the works!


Perfect Coven update – Episode IV

So, I have no idea what I’m doing here. I’m fairly certain it was a trap. (o.O) Sid and James were discussing a project and asked me for some advice, since I am a voracious reader of romance novels. I know, not very kvlt but it’s not skulls, doom and dragons all the time in my world.  Sometimes, I even like pastels.

I’m not sure how it went from discussing the different romance tropes to me actually writing one of the stories.. It had to have been a trap.

Anyway…I’m writing the first book, called Charlie’s Web, mostly because Sid wanted a title and it was all I could come up with. My trope is Opposites Attract. My heroine is shy, studious sort and the hero is that guy that everyone knows. They have stuff in common, there’s drama and they need to figure stuff out. Will there be a HEA? (Happily Ever After – see? This is an educational post!) Well, I need figure out how to get past the 2nd chapter and finish the book to find out. Further updates as events warrant!

Next blog post will be by James.

Sid says: It absolutely was a trap! The thought being that since Mickie read the romances, if she wrote the first one, we’d have a good example to follow, since I don’t read romances and am not really sure how to write one. I’m currently reading the first part of Charlie’s Web (which is an excellent title!) and enjoying it quite a lot.


James says: By the way, folks, Mickie was never supposed to know this was a trap. We just assumed she’d never figure it out. LOL   I had never read a romance novel before we started this project, so her knowledge of the tropes has been invaluable.