Jasper bio

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Bards are among the rarest of witches, their talent showing up less and less often.  Jasper’s father is a Bard, and was delighted when one of his children showed signs of having been born with the same talent.

Jasper has known two things about himself as long as he can remember.  He has known that his greatest interests in life are music and the witchery he can do with it.  Secondly, he has always known that his romantic interests are toward other men.

When he was four years old, Jasper’s mother put him down to play in the sandbox at a local park.  A few minutes later, another woman put her daughter into the sandbox as well.  The two children began to play together.  And thus Jasper met Shelley.  At that point the two had no idea they would become best friends for the rest of their lives.  Their mothers were friends, though not particularly close.  When they saw the rapport between their children, they began arranging play dates for the two.  As Shelley’s mother was heard to say one day when the only thing that would calm her child down was to allow her to play with Jasper, “If they’ll keep one another quiet, I’ll move in with you!”

The already large Howican family basically gained another child as soon as Shelley was allowed out on her own.  Most of her time was spent with Jasper and his siblings.  When Jasper was six, his witchery began to manifest itself.  The day he spent over an hour singing a nonsense song while Shelley danced without the ability to stop himself proved to be the turning point.  Fortunately, Shelley had already discovered her love of dancing and was not at all upset by spending an afternoon doing nothing else.  Her parents and Jasper’s parents, however, proved to have different attitudes.  Though Mr. Howican could be seen to be almost bursting with pride at having a son bearing the same Bardic gift as he did, the punishment of being forbidden to make or listen to music for three days was enough to guarantee that Jasper never again misuse his witchery.

With the revelation of his witch talent, Jasper’s father began laying the foundation of Jasper’s musical education.  Within a few years, it became clear that Jasper would outstrip his father in musical talent, though the strengths of their witcheries seemed to be about the same.  Jasper discovered an affinity for illusion witcheries, which he immediately began incorporating into his songs.  Many of his best works have been combinations of music and song and visual illusions.  He has even taken to digging up old stories and songs and recreating them with illusory accompaniment.

Jasper is now in his second year at Great LakesUniversity, pursuing an education in music with a minor in history.  He is part of a class mandated music ensemble named “Strangers in the Night” and is becoming well-known among the local club-goers for his performances.




Sid says: Shelley and Jasper are the best of friends; his calmness grounds her, as she is as moody and changeable as her element, Water. Shelley’s spontaneity and gregariousness pulls Jasper out of his shell, pushing him to expand his interests and to try things he never would if left to himself. Shelley loves to be in love, while Jasper guards his heart; she will push him to listen to his feelings, to take chances in love. The relationship between Jasper and Shelley, while not traditionally romantic, is still one of the foundations of the Coven.


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